Advantages and Capability of GIS

as an
Information Server

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The GIS INFORMATION SERVER that Orhitec LTD offers, is developed as a modular system that includes ‘Layers’ of information.
Our system is capable of providing information to all members of an organization for example, a Municipality, and through the Internet, to the public at large. The construction of this single information server includes information that is of interest to a wide-range of user, including engineering departments, land registration, tax collection, education, tourist information, etc.

An important advantage of our system is the ability to update data and to extract information. The updated information is immediately available to all users. The potential users of the system in the local government or in the municipality are:

  • Revenue departments, Decision makers , and Tax collectors .

  • City planners.

  • Infrastructure engineers.

  • Municipal supervisors.

  • System management in the fields of education and public services.

  • Granting of business permits.

  • Officials responsible for public improvements.

  • Real estate investors that are looking for commercial investment opportunities in available property taking into consideration the local market and existing businesses.

  • Lawyers.

  • Local citizens who are interested in information that affects them within the municipalities and the businesses in their geographic area. For example, tourist information, commercial and business information, tax and property information, building permit information.

  • Academic researchers in the fields of geography, economics, and engineering.