Adraw Application

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Adraw Application This Pen Tablet application is used to draw, in the field, complete GIS compatible
CAD drawing files using only the Pen Table PC and a laser rangefinder.
The application is linked to an Access database file which contains all of the required data to import
alphanumeric information directly in the drawing file as cad blocks with attributes.
The program interface contains all of the tools needed for layer control and drawing to exact
measurements either entered via an onscreen keypad, or directly from the laser rangefinder.
Database information is accessed by lot/parcel, address, property number, or map coordinates
(by GPS), and recorded as block attributes directly into the drawing.
The program is designed to be used by a single operator, and the drawing file produced by
the program can be exported directly into ESRI Shape Files. For more detailed information,
link to Pen Table Computer Based GIS Data Collection with Laser Rangefinders.